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    There is a plan for every task!

    Totally Tech

    Because sometimes those tech gremlins need a little kick

    Do you struggle to get all your systems to talk to each other and work correctly? By having someone help maintain them and set them you can get the most out of the software.




    These are some of the ways Prestige PA can help with

    • Marketing Funnels 
    • Sales Funnels 
    • Website build/updates
    • Mail campaigns


    All about the admin

    Because that's where the little tasks take over

    Outsourcing your smaller admin tasks may seem like a waste of money.


    If you think about how much time you spend on those small tasks, then think about what you could do with that time if they were completed for you!

    These are just some of those admin tasks Prestige PA can help you with.

    • Email inbox management inc creating Tags, rules and organising to make your inbox more efficient
    • Diary management
    • Internet research
    • Basic graphics and memes design

    Promising Projects

    Those Ideas need to grow legs and walk to success!

    Having Ideas is a great thing, but do you have the time, energy or support to help those ideas or projects grow?

    Whether it a small season promotion or a larger project. I can help you break it down into more manageable steps and set the timeline to get the project launched successfully!


    Want it all!

    When you need a little of everything

    Is your business at that stage where you need to support in all areas. Well, let Prestige PA be the one-stop shop to helping you. As well as myself I also work closely with copywriters, graphic designers and other skilled entrepreneurs that I can rope it to help cover all the areas of support you need.

    By using Prestige for everything you will only have to worry about communicating with one person and paying one invoice for the work as we will take care of everything else.

  • Prices and Plans

    Pick what suits your budget and needs


    Pay as you go

    Businesses change fast and so do your needs, so if you need someone on hand for your support on an adhoc basis this package will be best for you.

    Pay as you go rate £25 an hour


    Monthly Retainers

    If you have large tasks that are needed every month, this package is for you.

    You can buy in bulk hours to be used each month. to complete the tasks that are slowing down your productivity.

    8 hours - £200 a month

    16 hours - £350 a month

    24 hours - £525 a month

    *These packages are paid in advance



    Project only

    This is for a one off project from setting up your CRM software to creating a landing page for you.

    Prices depend on the project so please contact me for a quote

    *All One off projects need a 50% deposit upfront

  • Still unsure

    If you are still unsure what you need don't hesitate to book a chat!

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