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Working from Home

The number one selling point everyone makes when discussing working from home has to be that you can choose your own hours. Whenever I see blogs, Instagram posts, articles, or interviews, everyone knows that working from home means you get to be in charge of yourself and when you want to work. If you’re disciplined this can be great for you as you can have set hours in the day and know that you will be earning exactly what you want to earn. However, if you’re a little more laid back and prefer to take time at your own leisure, then this could could be a little problematic, especially when starting out. But with easy planning tips and structured days, you can quickly get yourself into the swing of working for yourself and earning at the rate you want.

When I work from home there is no office rules; no uniform, no ban on food at the desk, and more importantly no requirement that all office guests must be human! This means I can sit comfortable and warm in my jog pants and sweaters with my rescue dogs lying next to me. Of course, with only dogs to talk through during office hours, it can get quite lonely and I might desire a change of scenery and social spaces. Another advantage of working from my home is that I can carry my mobile device (laptop, tablet, or even my phone) with my work on to a local Wi-Fi spot and spend some quality time working on my business in a motivational and social atmosphere.

I do love spending time in my own home with my dogs and working on my business as I please whenever the feeling takes me. Because I have no office to travel to, I have no office hours, and I can work when I want, but this can sometimes cause problems if I don’t have a set routine in my business life. Sometimes I start to get bored with tasks I work on and wander around the house procrastinating by cleaning! I know it sounds crazy to want to clean your home instead of sit on a computer, but it’s so easy to begin one smaller job you plan on completing before starting work, then slowly get distracted and end up cleaning out a cupboard you haven’t used since 2004.

As I mentioned earlier, I have rescue dogs. I love them with all my heart, and you’ll probably hear about them in every post I publish. It’s so easy working from home and looking after my dogs. I can pay attention to their needs, be sure they’re not left alone all day while I’m out working at an office and I have company so I don’t get too lonely. But those of you that have office pets will no doubt understand how hard it is to stay motivated when they give you sad little eyes begging for a treat and a stroke. I know how difficult it is to wake up on a morning and start work in my office instead of spending a lazy day on the sofa watching TV, eating junk food and cuddling with my pups. But having a schedule in place where I split my time between my business and my pups really helps to motivate me by knowing I have time to spend with them later in the day.

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