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Sassy social media

We all know social media is the main part of a businesses networking and advertising now. From your everyday posts to your big push promotions. Your audience will be watching your pages for info from you.

But to get amazing results from your pages you need to have good content but also you need to be consistent. Now I know this is hard and if you look at my pages currently they are not in a good state. This is due to be focusing on client work last year and then going through a re brand.(I will tell you more about my re brand soon!)

So at the start of 2019 I want to practise what I preach and build up brilliant content for my pages and really give my audience interesting posts.

So here are the rules I will be following in 2019

  1. Use hashtags

  2. Make a personal hashtag

  3. Interact with my audience and other accounts

  4. Post at least once a day

  5. Don't just post about me

  6. Find and share interesting content my audience will like

  7. Be fun

  8. Share more about me

  9. Believe in myself , I know this I know how to do this k do it for clients all the time but when it comes to my own work I seem to procrastinate and complacent.

2019 will be our year

Hope these little tips help you

Ps I am working on a little social media result tracker that will be out soon that will help you build content for your social media

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