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Online software I can’t live without

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As a VA I use, trial and come across multiple types of software daily, and i have come to be a bit of a software hoarder. I love to try new software and figuring out what works well for me or what might work well for others and my clients.


  • What is Airtable?

Airtable is a cloud collaboration service. It is a database-spreadsheet hybrid that combines the features of a database, but applied to a spreadsheet.

  • Why I love it

As a ‘newbie’ to Airtable, I have fallen in love with the software! At first, the amount of options can be very overwhelming. Being greeted with an empty spreadsheet that doesn’t work like a spreadsheet can be confusing at first. After a while, however, the options provided become an amazing toolkit allowing you to map out projects, blogs, and even books. Airtable is a brilliant online software in which you can breakdown projects into smaller, more manageable tasks and items.


  • What is Asana?

Asana is a web and mobile based application that was created with the purpose to simplify, organise, and manage teams’ projects and workloads.

  • Why I love it

First off, I like to be very organised, visually, when it comes to my projects. Asana allows users to colour code everything within their projects. On the topic of organisation, Asana allows me to sync my ongoing projects with my calendar. This tool allows me to better plan my working day as specific days can be set aside and dedicated to separate tasks within that project.

Asana has implemented a device which creates checklists or Kanban boards for projects. Having many clients in different Asana projects can get overwhelming and so the checklist feature creates a user-friendly quick overview of tasks.

  • What I wish it had

I would love if Asana were to implement a feature that creates one central place for all tasks from multiple workspaces.


  • What is Trello?

Trello is a web-based collaboration and project management application that allows users to view all aspects of an ongoing project at one time.

  • Why I love it

Trello is more visual in its operations and enables users to create boards as a more accessible way to lay out projects and tasks. These boards, along with various other Trello tools, generate an online space making it easier for users to keep notes and organise their workloads. I have found Trello to be very similar to Asana in its organisational actions and overall functioning, but Trello possesses no checklist options

Google Drive

  • What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud file and storage synchronisation service created with the purpose of expanding storage limits beyond that of users’ hard drives.

  • Why I love it

I use this service for everything, both personal and business. Need spreadsheets? Google Sheets! Need a Word document? Google Docs! Google Drive even has a tool for presentations. The best part? All of these amazing creations can be stored in your Google Drive account in one central place accessible from any device! For instance, I use this service for my social media posts to save and upload them to Instagram whenever I need them.

  • What I wish it had

I do, however, wish that Google Drive had email marketing, a CRM feature, and a way to organise and tag particular items that could potentially be associated with many different contacts and/or projects.

One Calendar

  • What is One Calendar?

One Calendar is an app created to integrate all of your calendars into an easy-to-read overview.

  • Why I love it

As we all know from this blog post, I love organisation, and One Calendar is one of my absolute top applications allowing me to be more organised! One Calendar allows me to sync all of my calendars (Asana, personal, client etc.) to one place. As soon as I open the application I can plan my day ahead, knowing I can see every appointment, skype call, or deadline is in place (and I have no fear of missing out on anything!).

  • What I wish it had

I would love if One Calendar were to be updated and allow me to sync the application across all of my devices, knowing I can see all of my calendars any time I might need them!


  • What is Buffer?

Buffer has been heralded as ‘The Siri of Social Media’. It is a software application for use across multiple social media platforms with the ability to schedule posts, engage with your community, and analyse your results.

  • Why I love it

When working with any social media, Buffer is my go-to software. The software is very user-friendly and allows me to post to any social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) whenever I want. It also allows me to schedule posts for times I may be busy (or on holiday) which means I can still connect with my audience across my social media spaces. Having the ability to analyse the results of all posts allows me to understand my online communities better and tailor my posts to capture the audience I want to connect with.

Bare in mind, when using Buffer for free you can only manage 3 social accounts and queue 10 posts at any one time.

These are just some of the software's I use daily for myself and also my clients,

If there is a software out there you would like me to test for you and give you the pros and cons for your business please get in touch I would be happy to help!

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