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Have you met Pablo?

No, he isn't a new famous Spanish man(well there could be one)

But Pablo by Buffer is the new man in my life. If you read my previous blog post about what software i use you will know that I rate buffer very highly, I use this for myself and a few clients.

To make things better I have recently found Pablo!

this is an online graphics maker with free stock photos fro Unsplash and then a variety of filters and fonts. there is also the ability to upload your own logo then once you have finished your meme you can then upload it straight to buffer. For me, this is great as I hate downloading an image taking up space on my PC. there are also options to publish straight to your social media platform and of course if it a great meme that you may want to reuse you can save it to your PC.

Now Canva is my go-to tool for memes, I use it for everything but Pablo has been really handy this week for quick little photo memes.

Here is a little video on how it works.

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